Nuclear Power Stations

Submertec Spyball cameras and lights are in use at a number of sites for use during decommissioning and in fuel ponds.

Although not radiation hardened, the Inspection Spyball model SBCI Pan and Tilt Camera is  used inside Reactors during decommissioning and in fuel ponds to monitor fuel rod movement and storage. The zoom lens even allows fuel rod serial numbers to be read from a safe distance. The Spyball has also been deployed into charge tubes during decommissioning using a specially developed deployment device and cable winch to assist this process.

A variety of Spyball control units are available including a simple desktop unit SCDT-I, battery portable SCBP and the Spyball Model SCPI-B Inspection Control Unit with built in Digital Video Recorder and Text overlay.

The full range of Spyball Underwater Pan & Tilt Cameras, Controllers and accessories can be seen at Spyball Pan & Tilt Cameras in the Products section.

The new Super Spyball is a completely new development that builds on the success of the original version but with significant changes to enhance performance, reliability and functionality. (They are NOT interchangeable)

HD Inspection Super Spyball model SSB-HDI combined with the SS-CPI Inspection Control Unit offers the same rugged performance as the original Spyball but with many improvements.

The new SSB-HDI Inspection Spyball with 1080p video is now available with the SS-CPI-2 control unit with integrated 1080p HD DVR and 17.3” wide screen sunlight viewable display.

The Underwater Floodlight model UFL-150MH produces very wide and powerful lighting that is equivalent to almost 700 watts of Halogen lighting. This high efficiency together with improved lamp life results in better illumination and significantly lower running costs.

Our new ultra bright UVL-3 underwater LED light provides the equivalent of 250 Watts of Halogen light. This light has integral protection against over-temperature and will automatically limit power to remain below 60 degree C.

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