DISCONTINUED - Spyballs & Controllers

Submertec designed the original Spyball in 1997 to resolve the cable restriction issues presented by a pan and tilt unit with separate camera and lights. The Spyball has internal slip rings that allow rotation without restriction in both axis.

These original Spyballs have now evolved into a range of versions, controllers and associated equipment to suit a very wide range of tasks both above and below water.

Cable, Controller and Spyball versions are generally (but not always) interchangeable although full functionality may not be available with certain combinations - please contact us for clarification if not sure.       


PLEASE NOTE. These Spyballs and Controllers have been superceeded by the new Super Spyball and although still fully supported, they are no longer in production.

Products in DISCONTINUED - Spyballs & Controllers

Some short video clips taken using Spyballs can be seen below:

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