Submertec designed the first Spyball underwater Pan and Tilt Camera in 1997 and the first multi camera site was installed on a Salmon farm later that year. Since then the equipment has been progressivly refined and the range extended for use across a wide range of applications. A total of over 600 Spyballs have now been sold worlwide and our support is such that even some of these very first Spyballs are returned periodically for service and are still going strong.

Our equipment is all designed in house at Submertec and experience with supplying to Aquaculture over many years has been applied to make the Spyball range of products extremely durable and easy to use even in this hostile and demanding environment.

For most aquaculture applications the SB-MO Monochrome Spyball is the best option as it has exceptional low light performance and is the most economic. As an option, this Spyball can be supplied with an ultra low light camera which can even provide a picture in starlight.

Where colour is required the SB-CO Colour Spyball is completely interchangeable with the Monochrome version.

Control units can be supplied for portable or fixed operation and for control of single or multiple Spyballs.

For Portable operation our SC-BP Battery Portable Control Unit can be used in all weather conditions and has a sunlight viewable display.

Where Control of Multiple Spyballs on a site is required we can supply the SC-HW Hard Wired Multi System which can control up to 99 Spyballs and display pictures from 4 of them simultaneously. This system can also incorporate a surface mounted fixed camera and remote control Spyball depth control cable reel at each cage.

For information about other Spyball versions, Controllers, Cables and Accessories please take a look at Spyball Pan & Tilt Cameras in the Products section.

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