NEW - SS-CPI-2DC Battery Portable Super Spyball HD Inspection Control Unit

Model SS-CPI-2DC for use with SSB-HDI Super Spyball

Portable Control Unit Model SS-CPI-2DC is a battery portable control unit to complement the HD Inspection Super Spyball and make full use of its unique features.

Weighing only 15.3Kg and housed in a durable yellow Polypropylene case, this unit can operate for up to 7 hours from the internal NiMH battery to provide control, display and HD recording from the Inspection Super Spyball.

The 17.3 inch TFT colour LCD display mounted in the case lid behind a scratch resistant Polycarbonate window displays a clear and bright image from the Spyball camera even in bright sunlight.

  • 1080p HD Digital Video Recorder with HD Still Photos
  • Simultaneous Record to internal 256GB & external USB
  • Date and Time overlay
  • Video Text overlay using USB Keyboard
  • Microphone or Line input with built in playback speaker
  • Joystick for proportional control of camera angle
  • Dedicated Super Spyball control Display
  • Automatic Panorama photos
  • Option to display and record Super Spyball Depth and P&T angles
  • Menus in English, French, Spanish and German.

DVR Menu controls are provided for playback, copy, delete, file name, date & time format etc. 

Super Spyball controls include focus, variable intensity LED lighting and Laser Control. 

Access is also provided to special functions such as invert joystick direction, set movement limits, camera exposure, panorama angles and many more.

Panel facias are durable, wipe clean Polycarbonate membranes with control buttons and indicators clearly marked in logical groups for ease of operation.

An external 24vdc connection is provided to allow continuous operation.

This unit can also operate with the CVBS (composite video) version of the Super Spyball.

Please note that it is not compatible with the original black Spyballs or their cables.



Dimensions 490mm wide, 394mm deep and 190mm high (when closed)
Weight 15.3Kg (34lb)
Power Supply Internal NiMH Battery
Display 17.3 inch sunlight viewable active matrix TFT LCD
Controls DVR and Super Spyball
DVR Files Record 1080p MP4 and 1920 x 1080 jpg files
DVR Storage Internal 256GB + External USB (FAT32 only)
File Size approx 2GB per hour at full 1080p video & 500KB Photo
Output Audio Line Output


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